A Philosophy Graduate/Author that writes fiction, poetry and book reviews.


“Forever flowing. From the words she writes to the manifestation of her voice that you imagine in your head as you’re reading. What do you call a gem that not only catches your eye but your heart, mind and soul too? Ruby Dhal.”Gurekbal Singh Bhachu

“What connects me most with her is the way her words unfold, simple, right to the point… the simplicity… it’s beautiful. When I read her work I feel I wrote it myself and I must tell you, I don’t really get this feeling that often.” – Anjum Choudhary 

“Ruby Dhal’s words are always filled with tremendous inspiration and truth at the heart of the human condition. She is one of my favourite writers on Instagram.” – Simi Fromen


“My mother was the epitome of grace.”
She said.
“She had skin the colour of rain-washed sand and thick, boisterous black hair the colour of the night. It was long and hefty and wrapped itself around her tender frame like rich twine.
Her smile could kill a thousand hurricanes and change the course of the wind.
Her eyes; tiny, hazel almonds that shone more than the brightest star in the sky, told stories of an era she had left behind.
But my heart knows of no colour. She always said.
And tonight. I look at my face. Her face. And I ask myself.
So why does yours?”

Ruby Dhal has been writing for as long as she can remember.

When she was younger, she’d hide herself in the confines of her bedroom and spend hours writing stories about foreign worlds with princes, castles, magic and happy endings. As she got older, she realised that not all stories have positive endings and sometimes it is tales of bittersweet love, heartbreak and revival that soothe one’s heart the most.

It was knowledge of the perplexing nature of sharp prose with remedial characteristics that fuelled her desire to write more and reveal the countless stories concealed within layers of her heart.    

Her passion for writing and unveiling countless emotions for the world to share in has allowed her to receive an endless amount of love and support from a dedicated social media following – or ‘social media family’, as she describes them.


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