Pain is only temporary…

Life is a roller coaster, consisting of soft, lingering moments of happiness followed by slow, daunting feelings of sadness – something that we’ve all learnt the easy way or the hard way.

You experience things, you change, you develop, you meet people, you fall in love and fall out of love, you learn things, you develop as a person, your relationships change and you form new ones as you break the old.

Everything constantly changes in calm waves of high moments and low ones, of positive auras where everything feels perfect and negative ones where you feel like all the familiarity around you is collapsing.

Things start to develop, sometimes you feel upset because of certain things, sometimes you don’t. You start to grow, things that used to hurt you a lot before start to bother you less, that heartache – the one that you felt would kill you slowly – stops and suddenly, you realise that you’re done, done crying over people and relationships that didn’t make you happy.

But it doesn’t end there.

You experience more sorrows and pain from things that you thought were unimaginable. You wonder why. Why you? Why are you always the one that has to experience pain and sorrow? Doesn’t god love you?

But that’s not true.

God does love you.

He just gives you the amount of sorrow and pain that you can tolerate.

You’re surprised.

Because this is too much pain.

Because you know that you can’t tolerate it anymore. The pain is unbearable. It hurts. It hurts so much that you can physically feel it. But don’t worry. It’s only temporary. It’ll hurt for a while. It’ll hurt so much that you’ll wish you didn’t live so that the pain could end.

You’ll cry, you’ll be upset.

But eventually, like every other bad experience, with time you’ll get over it.

That’s the thing with pain. Just like happiness, it’s only temporary.

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