He pulled her close…

He stood there. Smiling.

Staring at her,
As if he’d never seen anything more beautiful,
He pulled her close, sensing the soft drumming of her heartbeat against his own,
He closed his eyes as he embraced her, wanting nothing more than to stay like this forever,
Fear suddenly took over him,
Would he be like this with her forever? He thought.
No, no.
He had to do something. Anything.
Because this, this feeling would never come back,
He knew that he would never feel the same way about any girl again,
But what could he do?
What should he do?
Should he fight?
Should he pick her up and take her away?
Away from all of the evil demons inside his head, away all of the obstacles waiting for them outside?
Or should he just let her go?
Should he let her walk away from him and everything that they could be?
He thought long and hard and continued to embrace her, engulfing in the sweet scent of her hair.
He finally pulled away, held her shoulders, looked her in the eyes and said. “No. I am never going to let you go. We’ll fight. We’ll fight together.”

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