Purpose of the universe

“What is the purpose of the universe?”

Okay, this question seems like the most controversial, thought-provoking and intellectually stimulating question one can think of.

But I’m going to discuss it in a completely different way, a way that no one has perhaps thought of it before.

Now, what if someone asked you this one day? What would you answer?

Would you say that the purpose of the universe is to allow life-encompassing spheres such as earth to enable the gradual process of evolution to take place so that these spheres could be occupied by lying, violent, evil and corrupt biological organisms – who are initially controlled by their genes – to take control over other less violent, less evil and less corrupt biological organisms?

Or would you say that the purpose of the universe is to allow life-encompassing spheres such as earth to be occupied by robotic, lifeless biological organisms to live mediocre and monotonous lives, that consist of nothing other than a boring job that’s nothing but a means to pay the bills, journeying their lives as if it’s nothing special, as if it’s nothing out of the ordinary.

But why is it that I’m associating the purpose of the universe to the purpose of us? Doesn’t the universe have a different purpose, one that isn’t related to human beings? I mean the universe is in its own space-time dimension which is so vast; it’s constantly growing, so surely there must be a purpose to it that’s independent of our purpose, right?

Fine-Tuning Argument

Assumption: the big bang is a universal truth – it did happen. There was a big bang that caused the existence of the universe.

Now, what if I told you that the initial conditions of the big bang had to be just as they were in order for there to be life in the universe? This means that if the initial conditions had altered by even 1%, the possibility of there being life in the universe wouldn’t have existed, there would have been no evolution and there would have been no humans.

So it seems like the universe was fine-tuned for there to be life, doesn’t it? And if that is the case, then surely there must’ve been a reason that the initial conditions of the big bang were like that to begin with, surely we are here for a reason?

I mean it really can’t be the case that the exact conditions of the big bang were a coincidence as the chances of the conditions being like that were close to nil. And those are the conditions that resulted in us being here.

Clearly, we are here for a reason. There’s a bigger picture. A higher reality. Something. Anything. We can’t be here because of a mere coincidence.

So what is the purpose of the universe? – A question with so many answers…

The universe might have a purpose if the earth and mankind – we – have a purpose.

But what is our purpose?

For me the answer is simple – our purpose is to live meaningful lives that involve us fulfilling our dreams, passions and desires.

Many of us live parallel lives without realising it – going to school, graduating from university, getting a job, settling down and having children.

Many of us continue to engage in the meaningless activities that the normality of everyday life consists of, doing things that we’d otherwise wish that we’d never do.

Many of us continue to have unfulfilled dreams and wishes things that were ‘out of the ordinary’, things that didn’t consist of sitting at a desk between 9-5.

But we didn’t pursue these because we didn’t have faith in ourselves.

A lot of the time we get a job because it’s a way of paying the bills and providing for our family. It’s a means to another end. It’s not an end in itself.

We don’t really have a desire to sit at the desk from 9-5, 5 days a week only to get 25 days off a year. It’s only because we know that it’s the only way we can live our lives ‘normally’.

I mean can you imagine how many people are working in offices, stores, schools and wherever else, when really, they’d rather be doing something else. They’d rather be at a sold-old concert, singing in front of 10,000 people, or at an art exhibition displaying their work, or they’d rather be in a dance studio choreographing new moves, or even at a book signing awaiting to meet the many readers of their new novel.

These people fail to accomplish their dreams by doing things that we all think of as ‘normal’. What a waste of talent!

Our purpose in life is not to give our precious time to a job that we don’t enjoy or love, a job that doesn’t ignite even 10% of passion in our hearts. Our purpose is to follow our hearts and pursue our dreams. Whether it’s to be a singer, artist, writer, dancer or even a street performer – our purpose is to work towards our dreams.

Our ambitions make us what we are, they make us the special and unique and pursuing these ambitions is what our purpose in life is.

If every single person pursued their dreams and didn’t give up, can you imagine how many more artists, writers, performers, chefs businessmen, social workers, policeman, and leaders we would have? Unlimited.

It doesn’t mean that we’re all going to be great in what we dream of doing. But that shouldn’t stop us. Just because you’re not as good as a well-renowned artist it doesn’t mean you don’t have passion for what you’re doing. The whole purpose of you doing what you are is because it makes you happy and that’s more important than you being successful in achieving fame and fortune.

Insofar as you’re doing what you love and are living your dream, you’re fulfilling your purpose – you are living a meaningful life.

How does this philosophically idealistic conception of our purpose of living relate to the universe as a whole though? – You may ask.

Well, in simple terms, the universe is constantly expanding which means that the potential of there being life in other parts of the universe is highly likely. Clearly, the conditions of the universe allow for there to be life on planets such as earth and so the universe somehow wants the existence of organisms such as humans – why, when, how; I don’t know.

But what I do know is that the universe continually approves of life – the sort of life that we have – and our existence is possible because of it and therefore our purpose exists because of the universe.

Simply put – the purpose of the universe is to allow life-encompassing spheres such as earth to enable creatures such as human beings to pursue their dreams and desires which allow them to live meaningful lives. The universe wants you to live a purposeful life because if life in the universe flourishes then so does the universe.


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