Lost, Found and Conquered.

Do you ever feel extremely lost?

Like, you just don’t know where you’re going with your life?

You have so many plans and ideas in your head of what you’d like to do, but you just can’t seem to get them off the ground…

Well, that’s just how I feel sometimes.

I know that there’s so many things that I should be doing – writing being one of them – but I just can’t seem to get myself around to doing them. And sometimes, when I’m perched on the sofa with my baby brother on my lap, finally with some time to think, I wonder what I’m doing wrong and when I will get to doing the things that I left everything behind for to begin with.

I think the problem lies in the fact that we tend to easily lose faith in ourselves. We form so many dreams and have ambitions of things that we’d like to do, of the way that we’d like our lives to go but we just give up because we don’t trust ourselves to do it. Don’t get me wrong, often the talent is still there, but the willpower required to lift that pen, to hold that guitar or to make that application for that dream job, just seems too daunting.

We’re scared. Afraid. Wondering what will happen when we do those things.

Will I be able to write as well as I think? Can I strum the guitar the way that I do it in my head? Will they accept me for that position? We’re scared of rejection. Losing hope, we slump back down on the old leather sofa and postpone those things for a later time.

But that’s the problem. They’re not just ‘things’. They’re heavily linked to our dreams. They form the stepping stone to us getting where we want to be.

But how can I make that first step? You think. Well, you won’t be able to if you don’t fight the demons in your head.

Kill those demons. Obliterate them. They’re there to bring you down and make you believe that you can’t fulfill your dreams, that you don’t have the talent or skill and that’s what makes you feel so lost. The moment those demons are gone, you’ll get the strength to make that first step and do something today that will impact your life tomorrow.

But it’s not an easy process, nor is it quick. It’ll take time. It’s an event that’s broken down in different stages. The stage you’re at right now is the ‘I can’t do this’  stage and that’s why you feel lost. Don’t worry, because I do too. But remember that this is just a stage in the process, it’s not the end. Something or other will trigger your transition from this stage to the next where you will finally manage to kill those demons and start believing in yourself.

It’ll happen.

I don’t know what will trigger it or how, but there will be a point at which none of us at this stage will feel lost. We’ll start to develop some strength and will. We’ll get confident and we’ll make that first step towards those dreams.

But until then, it’s okay to feel lost. Some of the best ideas come from people who are lost.


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