He Noticed Her…

He noticed her instantly in the cloudy, thundering club. It was hard not to. She was the only one standing in the midst of mini-dress clad girls wiggling their tiny waists to ear-piercing music, wearing a pair of faded corduroy trousers and a full-sleeve black shirt – an obvious declaration of her refusal to blend in. She was the only one staring into a shady corner of the small dim-lit space with nothing but a thin smile on a foreign face and big brown eyes that wanted to scream. He slid over to her side but she was too lost in her thoughts to notice. She looked like she wanted to be anywhere but there.

“Are you okay?” He finally asked.

She was a bit taken aback at first, as if she failed to recognise a familiar face. After realising that he wasn’t someone she already knew, she gave him a good second glance. She examined him in his ripped jeans and checked shirt that clung to his lean body – a combination of deceptive good looks and a bad-boy persona. But he had a gleam in his eyes and a friendly smile that welcomed her in ways that no other smile had before.

“I’m feeling confused.” She finally replied.

“I’m feeling confused. Lost. And a little unsure too. It’s like I have an idea of where I want my life to go but I have no way of putting it to practice. I’ve got a vision. And I’ve got the tools I need to turn that vision into a beautiful painting but I just can’t seem to get around to grasping those tools and get to work.  And it’s because I’m lost. I’m so lost that I don’t know whether I can ever find my way again. But I need to. I need to find out how to dig myself out of this hole that is engulfing me. I need to feel positive again. To feel bright again. To smile. To laugh. To live life to the fullest like I used to. And to dream. Not just to dream. No. But to make those dreams come true. I need to do something. I need to breathe. I need to feel free but I feel like my wings have been chipped. Everything is overwhelming. Life has pushed me to the brink of depression and I need to find my way back. But I just don’t know how. And…” Then she stopped and gave a flushed smile, realising that she’d said too much to a person whose first name she didn’t even know.

“As I said. I’m feeling confused. Lost. And a little unsure too.”

“Sometimes in life you need to be lost in order to find your way again.” He smiled. “And it’s okay to be confused. We all are at some point in our lives. It just shows that we’re human. We can’t always be in control of how our lives go. But what we are in control of is what we make of the situation that we find ourselves in. Just take the first step towards your goal and if you don’t know how to, then just hold my hand. I’ll guide you there.”

She responded with a hearty laugh that felt like a soft harmony to his ears.


Her eyes gleamed as she locked her arm around his and escorted him to the centre of the dance floor.

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