Blogging the right way!

So, I’ve spent my whole morning browsing through posts from various blogs that I’ve been following for a while now. And I’ve done this properly for the first time.

I know. I know. It’s bad.

It’s so bad of me to call myself a ‘blogger’ and blog once a month, to call myself a ‘blogger’ and not keep up-to-date with posts from my fellow bloggers, to call myself a ‘blogger’ and not write about the things that I’m passionate about, about the things that I have to say (and believe me, I have a lot of things to say) and to call myself a ‘bookworm’ yet not post a single review of the relevant books, short stories or poems that I’m currently reading.

And I read a lot of literature. Believe me. I do.

Most of my free-time is consumed by reading fiction, short stories and poetry books (written by Instagram and indie writers). And I’m inspired in so many ways. Sometimes I’m bewildered as to how someone could write so well. Other times, a book touches the depths of my soul in a way no book has, and I want to scream and shout it to the world. But how? I wonder. How can I tell the world about the way book-x has altered my outlook on life, or the way book-y has motivated me to become a better writer?

It’s silly right? For a ‘blogger’ to ponder over the ways in which she can express her love and passion for the literature she is reading. I think it’s silly. And ignorant too.

So things have to change around here.

I need to become more organised. More focussed. I need to start giving an unbiased and qualitative insight into the literature that I am reading to all of my wonderful readers.  I need to revive my original purpose of blogging – to connect with people!

And alas, I will do it. I will conquer the world of book, poetry and short story reviewing in a way no one else has before!

Okay, first I need to actually start writing…

So what follows then is, in the next few days I will post my very first short story review. This is an extremely special short story written by someone who constantly inspires me – Nadia King.

Later this week, I will post my review of Nadia’s short story ‘Disappointment’. How exciting! But be warned that it’ll be my first review ever, so please go easy on me okay?

I will be blogging more. A lot more! At least one post a week will be a review and other posts will be about anything I want to vent about, philosophize about or just inform you about.

So, to all you beautiful souls, stay tuned because from hereon we will be initiating a beautiful, fun-filled and engaging journey together into the world of literature!

P.S. I shall not disappoint, so do stay tuned!


Ruby x

11 thoughts on “Blogging the right way!

      1. Shailja says:

        Come back to routine life after lng time back! Good to see more blogs from you , will start reading from now 🙂 and I hope your hits success !

  1. unravelinwine says:

    Hahaha u know what… I’m no writer. .. but I wanted to put my thoughts out there… so I can meet new people… share sorrows … stories and etc… but I have officially chickened out. He thinks I can write … sigh he pushes me to do alot of things.

    But I think part of me is afraid to take that first step where Im worried about sharing my scars and secrets…

    You are several steps ahead of me….I wish you well and looking forward to reading more 😍

    1. rubydhal says:

      I think it’s a great thing to use a medium like this and just express your thoughts! Who know how many people you can meet who are on different walks of life. And thank you! I look forward to reading your blogs too ☺️

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