Souled Out – Review

This is my first review of a poetry book and I am so excited! And because it’s the first, I couldn’t think of anything better than Souled Out by Anjum Choudhary to start it off with. Before I begin with this review though, I would like to tell you a little bit about the writing community on Instagram.

They are like revolutionaries with a pen. Each and every single one of them.

I’ve only joined Instagram as a ‘writer’ for a little over 5 months and, to this day, labelling myself as a ‘writer’ feels extremely odd to me. It’s because I’m not a writer. Not yet anyway. I’m just a young girl with boundless thoughts that swarm around in my mind, forcing me to thump them on my phone and post them for the world to see. Ever since I’ve started though, there have been so many writers that have inspired me, that have fuelled my passion for writing further – Anjum being one of them.

Her Instagram account @findinglostsouls is an absolute blessing. And her book Souled Out is like soul therapy. Literally.

I came across her profile on Instagram just a few months ago and, after reading the first two posts, followed her instantly. Reading her poems on my Instagram feed enlightened me every day. It felt as if I was given revelations about love, pain and consolation in every single piece that I read. Inevitably, from this came the third book I purchased by a poetry/ prose writer whom I discovered on Instagram (the first being @r.hsin and second @rmdrk).

Purchasing Souled Out was the best decision that I could have made and the experience of reading this book was absolutely an incredible one. I was completely engrossed in the book from the very onset. Everything about it captivated me; the swift flow of words, the relevance of the emotions they expressed, the originality of each piece. Everything about this book touched my spirit and made me come alive.

It almost felt like this book was written for me. The experience of reading each piece was an extremely personable one. It felt like each piece was speaking to me, igniting raw emotions within me that were distinct from those that that preceded it, and to those that followed.

I guess it’s difficult to explain just how much you can immerse in a book, but if I were to compare it to anything; I’d say that reading this book was like plunging into a deep-seated ocean that warmed my insides with innumerable sensations and allowed me to float, not drown.

Here is just one example of a piece that I read which touched me profoundly:

“Leave back a little
of yourself
in everything
you give
your heart
Don’t tell me
I haven’t
given you
the secret
to immortality.”

What words!

After reading this poetry book, I have become an admirer of Anjum’s work and I eagerly anticipate the release of her next title because for that one, I will be first in line to purchase it!

For those of you who love reading poetry but don’t follow @findinglostsouls, I highly recommend browsing through her page because I know you’ll become an avid follower after reading just the first few posts. And for those of you who follow Anjum but haven’t purchased her poetry book yet – go and purchase it! You won’t regret it.

Until then, happy reading!

4 thoughts on “Souled Out – Review

  1. Anjum Choudhary says:

    Let me wipe these tears of mixed emotions .. I feel so much right now .. I can barely write . You are a brilliant writer yourself Ruby and with words like these you touched the part of my soul that not many easily come across .. You rendered me speechless !

    1. rubydhal says:

      Awww Anjum! I’m really glad you enjoyed reading it. It probably gives you a glimpse of the joy I felt when I read your book. And believe me when I say, it is the best one I’ve read. Keep inspiring beautiful!

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