Thistle and Thorn – Review

I absolutely love art. Especially expressionism. My favourite kind of art, the sort of art that I connect with the most is ‘art as poetry’.  Poetry that touches the depths of your soul and transfuses you with a variety of different emotions. And this is exactly what Becca Lee’s Thistle and Thorn is comprised of – art in its most basic and effective form.

When I first came across Becca’s page on Instagram, I was hooked on from the moment I lay eyes on the first post. What poetry! I thought aloud when I read the stream of words canvassed on my screen. What I came across that day was a magnificent facet of poetry. It made me realise that there is so much to contemporary poetry.

It is about how a poem is comprised of characters that are patterned in a particular way which allow them to ignite certain emotions within you. It is about reading something and being astounded by the profundity and originality of what lays in front of you, and how much you are able to relate to it. It is about how your senses come alive after reading a certain piece of text and the feeling of amazement that follows, where you wonder how a piece was able to have so much of an effect on you. It is about art in its true poetry form – something that seeps through every crisp page of Thistle and Thorn and journeys to the reader’s heart.

Thistle and Thorn, everyone, is a poetry book that changes everything. I don’t even know where to begin when I discuss this book because I don’t know what I love most about it. The breadth of emotions each piece expresses. The intensity within them. The clarity of selfhood that one is able to achieve after reading the book. The extent to which we, as readers, are able to relate to each poem in a completely different way. Or all of these factors combined.

Reading this poetry book allowed me to acknowledge one thing – that we are able to realise our self-worth and find ourselves again through reading enchanting poetry such as in Thistle and Thorn. It is a book that allows us to become enlightened of our inner feelings and senses that we keep hidden for so long. It’s a book that shows us that it’s okay to break a little, as long as we appreciate our ability to soar through our difficulties when it is all over. This book is  definitely for those who have experienced life’s trials and tribulations and wish to grasp their struggle in a way that it is easier to comprehend – through words that mean something so much more.

Becca is a phenomenal writer and her poetry screams of opulence. Opulence in happiness, love, serenity and everything else that truly matters in life. Becca’s poetry is a revelation to many of us who have been burdened by experiences intended to break us and many of us who just wish to be understood or want to understand ourselves; and this book is that medium.

Thistle and Thorn is poetry, poetry, poetry. The kind of poetry that melts your insides. The kind of poetry that enlivens you. The kind that, even if it doesn’t make sense at the time, enables you to peel off its layers – one by one – in the hope that it’ll reveal valuable truths for you.

This poetry book was my guide to understanding myself in better light and I know that it’ll be a guide for many others like myself who were lost long ago and wish to find themselves again.

There are so many pieces I connected with in this book that I wish to share with you guys. So many pieces that touched me, moved me and guided me, but I’ll give you all a mere snippet of just what Becca can do with her words.

Here is just one of my favourite pieces:

The purpose of this glorious life
is not simply to endure it,
but to soar, stumble, and flourish
as you learn to fall in love with existence.
We were born to live, my dear,
not to merely exist.

I can’t even begin to explain how much this touched the core of my heart! We were not made to merely exist, not at all!

For those of you who don’t follow Becca on Instagram, I suggest you check out her page right away and believe me, you will not be disappointed!

Finally, whoever hasn’t purchased Becca’s poetry book I highly recommend it, however, the name of her book has changed and it is now called Pulling Petals. So when purchasing her book you will need to search for Pulling Petals instead.

Until then,

Happy reading!

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