My 2 Favourite NS Novels

So we are back to Nicholas Sparks!

From the blog I posted a few weeks ago, you guys may have noticed that I am a passionate reader of Nicholas Sparks’ novels (having read approximately 13 novels by now). In a previous post, I highlighted a few characteristics that span across most Nicholas Sparks novels – I won’t say all because I haven’t read all of them just yet.

This week, I would like to make a confession. Although I enjoy reading every Nicholas Sparks novel, there are some novels that touch me more than others. Some, which strum the cords of my soul and make my heart warble. Some, which weave an array of emotions within me. Some, which leave me exasperated and in tears by the end. And today, I’d like to reveal the names of 2 NS novels that have touched me the most.

It was a tough choice. Believe me.

It doesn’t mean that these are the best Nicholas Sparks novels. It just means that they had more of an ability to sway my feelings and allow me to delve into the story-realm.

The two novels that I’ve decided to speak about are The Last Song and Safe Haven. My reasons for choosing these two are none other than my emotions. When reading both of these novels, I felt a profound sense of relatability to the narrator. Mind you – my life in no way mirrors the lives of Ronnie or Katie. But still, I could almost envision being in their place as their lives unfolded on the tattered cream pages of the old copies I was reading. I owe this to Nicholas Sparks of course, for writing in such an impeccable manner than I couldn’t help but plunge into an entrenched empathy when I read both.

Both stories tell a tale of two extremely different females. One is a young rebellious girl – Ronnie. At the onset, Ronnie is extremely bitter, secluded and adrift from her father and The Last Song strings together a story about Ronnie finding true love, rekindling her relationship with her father and finding a sense of purpose by the end. The other is a reticent Kate with a mysterious past. Safe Haven is a beautiful blend of love, family and the afterlife and orbits around the story of Kate – an anxious yet diligent woman that finds love in the foreign town of Southport.

Both novels are beautifully written, are well-conceptualised and effortless in their ability to lace themselves into the minds of their readers.

But why these two? Well, I think it was a lot to do with the fact that when I reached the end of each novel, I was bawling; my face was crimson and damp, my nose dripping with snot, my eyelashes were thick with tears and my heart kept drumming slowly beneath my chest.

Both novels brought with them a hurricane of emotions within me that, by the end just made me extremely sad, even though both couples had united. It is this ability of Nicholas Sparks – to leave you pondering about what you read even hours after you’ve finished reading it – that I admire the most. And it is this ability that was reflected most in these novels.

The Last Song showed me the importance of love in all its forms and Safe Haven gave me an insight into the potential of a love so strong that it has the potential to surpass everything – even death.

The Last Song made me cry until my heart was drained and Safe Haven allowed me to appreciate the importance of giving yourself a second chance; that it’s okay to leave your past behind and start anew.

And both novels carried with them a prestigious love, the kind of love that one can only fantasize about. The kind of love that only exists in movies or novels but you still can’t help but search for it after you read something as enticing as a Nicholas Sparks novel.

These two novels will always remain in my ‘most prestigious book titles’ mental file until something better comes along and knocks them off the shelf. For those of you who want to read something with a little paranormal twist, I suggest heading over to Amazon and purchasing Safe Haven. And for those of you who want to read a book that’ll leave you blubbering by the end, I suggest purchasing The Last Song.

None of these titles will leave you poker-faced, believe me.

Until then, happy reading!

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