The First Last Kiss – Review

I found my favourite romance novelist after reading this book; the wonderful, inspiring and beautiful Ali Harris with magic in her fingers and a magnificent world in her mind.

The First Last Kiss is a honey-coated, reminiscent story about a couple’s journey from adolescence to adulthood; their life is mirrored through kisses they have both shared and lost over the years that they have been together.

Molly and Ryan had their first kiss when they were 17 and now – even after six years – when they kiss one other, their lips still throb with the same passion, the same fierceness that has become an identifying characteristic of their love.

I was hooked onto this book from the moment I laid my eyes on it. Mind you, everyone knows by now how much a ‘pretty’ cover attracts me, however, a pretty cover isn’t enough to keep me going. It was the storyline that captured my heart. The intensity, fragility and innocence of the love portrayed through the two main characters gripped my insides from the first page and didn’t let me go until the very end.

This love story, everyone, is like no other. It is chaste and kind, imperfect and funny – painting a picture of the kind of love that we all spend so long searching for.

Molly is a level-headed, ambitious yet demure girl; imperfect in many ways and striving for a correct balance between the love of her life and her thirst for independence. On the other hand, Ryan knows exactly what he wants; Molly, his family, a secure job and a nice house in the town he grew up in amongst the people he knows and loves. This war for an ‘other-lifestyle’ against a familiar lifestyle is one that plays an eccentric role throughout the novel. But love is strong and steady.

Molly and Ryan are different in many ways, perhaps even poles apart but their love and the strength of their relationship is one that keeps them together throughout and until the very end.

A plot that diverges from the quintessential linear romance novel, Ali Harris cups our heart in crisp pages of this book and takes us through a journey that kindles so many emotions within us, leaving our hearts burning by the end.

For me this wasn’t just a romance novel, it was a portrayal of a woman’s anxieties, fears, ambitions, mental battles (with many scars and blemishes) ready for the world to see, ready for the world to embrace in the glorious tragedy of incomplete love.  This one is a complete weeper. I haven’t cried while reading a book for so many years but this one had me sobbing by the end.

Ali Harris is an absolute magician with her words. Her writing, her flare, her style and her stories speak to you in a different language altogether – a language that only the heart can understand. This story is like a hymn for your heart, soothing in certain places but each soft tone tinges with a harshness that makes your insides hurt.

I don’t know how else to explain this novel other than to say that I have become an admirer of Ali Harris’ talent after reading this book. She has become my favourite romance novelist and until I don’t read a book by someone else who will manage to push her off the pedestal, she will remain seated in her rightful throne.

I recommend this book for all the soft-hearted who want to feel something, anything, after reading a book. This novel can make you sense so many different emotions in so many different ways, bringing back certain feelings that you didn’t even remember you were capable of having.

So go and read Ali’s book and learn how to fall in love all over again!

Until then,

Happy reading!

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