Love Hues – Review

Transparent, uncomplicated poetry that narrates beautiful stories of amorous, contemporary love seeps through every page of Love Hues by Adrian Michael.

It is a poetry book that recites the feelings and inklings of every person who has experienced the emotion of love at least once in their lifetime or does so presently. This book eulogises an enthralling emotion that perplexes your heart and mind; a love that is universally felt and personally endured. This book celebrates love in all of its forms. It cherishes this passion and allows the reader to appreciate a multi-faceted, sentimental love that sometimes we fail to understand, but continue to believe in.

Adrian is one of those writers whose work acts as a metaphorical mirror, reflecting my own feelings, my own senses. His poetry speaks to me tenderly, softly, echoing the hidden translucency of my soul which I normally refuse to listen to. Each piece is like a slow ebbing wave that flows gently and allows the reader’s emotions to sway alongside. For me, reading this book was like inhaling a refreshing, minted breeze that calmed my insides and made me feel relaxed, made me feel understood.

Adrian has a capacity to charm his readers with his poetry. Each incomplex, lucid piece flutters with emotions so powerful that one is instantly gripped from the moment they read it. Adrian’s writing is raw but skilful, lucent but withholding so many deep, hidden meanings that – when compared with even the most complex piece of writing – leaves the reader flabbergasted. Often, when I was reading this book, I felt empowered by feelings of happiness, contentment, fear, sadness, confusion all compounded together and tingling in the pit of my stomach, making the whole experience of reading this book extremely surreal.

A man who can write this well is a man who isn’t afraid of the depth of his love, a man who isn’t afraid to love even with the knowledge that love has the ability to destroy him. I absolutely admire Adrian and cherish Love Hues, often spending hours re-reading pieces that have touched my heart. This book is one that has gripped me from the onset and will always remain in a special place for me.

A book that is this relatable, completely unpretentious and pulsates through your mind and straight to your soul is a book that is shouldn’t just be read, but lived. The tact and ability of Adrian is one that every single person needs to see and Love Hues is the perfect example of the magic that Adrian can create with his words.

So the time to pick a poem comes and I have loved so many, so many poems from this poetry book that I will have to pick two, it’s just not possible for me to choose one.

So here it goes:

  1. “i broke my own heart.
    pulled it out of my chest.
    dug a hole in the garden
    behind out house.
    planted a seed
    in the earth.
    for love to sprout.”
  2. “experience taught you.
    hurt raised you.
    defined you.”

There are so many more poems that I’d loved to praise but I want you guys to go and buy Love Hues and indulge in the beautiful glory of a poetry book that celebrates emotions that make our hearts throb. This book is one that will make you feel understood and related to in such a way that when you’re shuffling in bed on those insomniac nights, this book will be the only form of solace you’ll seek, it’ll be the only form of solace that you need.

Adrian continues to exasperate his readers on his Instagram page @adrianmichaelgreen so go and give this wonderful man a follow! Lastly, he has many other publications (that I am also in the process of reading) that’ll completely blow you all away, so go and check them as well as Love Hues out. Believe me, you will not be disappointed.

Until then,

Happy reading!


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