A Brilliant Madness – Review

RM. Drake is one of my most favourite writers who I practically worship and ardently follow on Instagram!

I read his posts every single day like a devotee. I read them once. And again. I memorise them off by heart and even know which poem is where on his profile so that I know exactly where I need to go on his page when I want to read a particular poem that resonates with my mood.

I was following RM. Drake even before I had decided that I wanted to start writing myself. He inspired me in a variety of different ways every single day. His writing spoke to me. His poetry soothed my heart. His words mended the ache within my chest. His prose warmed my insides and made me feel like we had an undeclared, microscopic relation of understanding where he helped me heal without even knowing it.

I know that many people who follow RM. Drake on Instagram feel as I do about his writing. They – like me – are inspired by him and feel understood through his written prose. Therefore, to have a book with some of his most excellent work at hand and to be able to turn to it whenever I want to was like a blessing.

When it comes to his artwork, I don’t know if I have the credibility or even skill to be able to review it in the way that someone with expert knowledge of art can. But what I can say is this – his art is as beautiful as his words; a kaleidoscopic appreciation of the madness that lives within us.

RM. Drake really is a wizard with prose and he’s not so because he has the skill of sketching beautiful foreign worlds which he transports his readers.  No. In fact it’s the complete opposite. He is a wizard because he has the tact and ability to paint our world, our plight, and our social situation in the most remarkable manner. In a tone the reader can hear. Using words the reader can comprehend. Through speech that opens the reader’s eyes in ways no esoteric poetry can.

A Brilliant Madness is a large mirror placed straight before us on a bare wall, staring at us in the eye, daring us to be insurgent. But we aren’t. Because we know that each word within that 300-page package of wisdom is true, relevant and an accurate representation of our plight in the contemporary world.

This book isn’t just relevant but also relatable.

Every single piece spoke to me rationally. Before it touched my heart, it touched my mind and that is a power that every piece of poetry needs to have. Sure, written prose that speaks to your heart is extremely powerful as it has the ability to move you, it has the ability to produce certain emotions within you. However, written prose that allows you to rationalise, question, think and wonder is the sort of writing that has the ability to stimulate action and urge change within the world. And I think that is what’s extremely different and unique to RM. Drake. He doesn’t paint pictures of a beautiful fluorescent world that we can disappear to for a while, he creates our world using words – tarnished, fluctuating, broken, mending – and presents it in the most brutally realistic manner possible. So what we have in front of us aggrieves us, torments us, makes us question our sense of rationality and – hopefully – moves us towards change.

RM. Drake is a powerful writer and A Brilliant Madness is compacted with countless pieces throbbing with truth and tinged with an essence of empowerment – empowering our feelings, our emotions, our mind and our heart in ways other contemporary poetry perhaps cannot.

So, the time comes to pick my favourite piece from this loaded book of wisdom and – even though this book is a delight for a rational reader – I will be choosing a poem about love because, well, it’s symbolic of the kind of reader that I am; a quintessential romanticist.

And here it is;

“i am thinking about you
right now and i am sending
you love, real love.

the kind that warms the skin
and waits all night to be held
by the moon.

the kind that reminds you
of how beautiful you are under
the day and the night and
between what is left.

the kind that does not
wake the next day alone.

this is me thinking about you
tonight. this is me sending real
love, all that there is to receive.

the only gift worth sending.”

Absolutely amazing!

I highly recommend reading A Brilliant Madness as well as all of RM. Drakes other books. I myself cannot wait to read the other books and blog about them! And for those of you who don’t (shockingly) follow RM. Drake, go on Instagram and follow him now – @rmdrk!!

Until next week,

Happy reading!

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