Paper Wings – Review

Hey my lovelies!

Before I start this post, I would like to apologise for taking so long to post another poetry review. It really has been long and even though no excuse is good enough for taking this long to post again, I would still like to say – in my defence – work, university and having the ‘winter-flu’ captured me for those few weeks that I disappeared from the digital realm of blogging. So I do apologise and I promise that from hereon, you guys will have a regular, weekly review once again.

So, what better way to start off my blogs again than with a review of Paper Wings by the insanely talented, wonderful and absolutely inspiring April Green!

I really don’t know what to say about this woman. April is an epitome of strength, vitality and revival. She is evidence that you can plunge into the depths of horror that life throws your way and tumble out of it gracefully, more powerful and complete in ways you never were before. Having undergone many experiences that tested her spirit, April has used all of the wisdom that she gained and transformed it delicately into art. Into poetry. She is one of my favourite writers on Instagram and I feel blessed to have stumbled across her page because – within a short period of time – she has inspired me in ways no other writer has managed to.

Paper Wings is April’s second book of haikus and short poems with illustrations and it is absolutely flawless. Usually when I read a poetry book I find a few poems that touch my heart and I can’t help but praise them for the emotions that they revitalise within me. In Paper Wings there was not a single poem that didn’t touch my heart and soul and this is the first time that I have been moved by every single poem upon reading a poetry book. The skill and tact of April flows from one page to the next yet it is her tendency to reveal hidden emotions within her soul that touches the reader the most. It is April’s ability to invite a reader to share in her feelings as she pours them out for us that moves us the most.

April is an absolute blessing for readers of poetry and her words are like flakes of energy, love and healing that lull the reader’s heart and makes them feel understood. I have read Paper Wings two times and I still cannot get enough of it. Undoubtedly, it is a high-quality piece of work but it is so much more than just a book. It is a means of self-understanding. A path to feeling every emotion that one is capable of. A warm, embrace for a reader that comforts their mind and relieves the scars on their heart.

April understands the woes of life and it is this knowledge that is tipped on every single page of Paper Wings, making it even more special. A book of pain, love, self-healing and revival, April really does reach out to her readers through her writing and settles within their hearts because of her ability to comprehend, to endure, to show herself as being as beautifully tarnished as we are.

The biggest gift a human being can be given is that of understanding – to feel that someone else knows how we feel and shares in our pain. April does just that and it is her skill as a writer that brings this mutuality of appreciation to the fore.

April Green, everyone, has made a mark for herself in the realm of contemporary poetry and she has established that not only does she have the skill but she has the willpower to be brutally honest and raw in her writing. She is an extraordinary writer and Paper Wings is a beautiful artistic book of poetry topped with lovely (and extremely relevant) illustrations that April herself has fashioned.

This is a book that I would 100% recommend reading. Believe me. It is a 5/5 and I stand my ground with this one.

The time comes again to share my favourite poem from Paper Wings so here it goes:

that’s the beautiful
   thing about self love –
   you wear it like a dress
   and it becomes more and more
   with time.

Go and buy your copy of Paper Wings now and delve into the beautiful territory of poetry that April transports you to. You will absolutely love it!

Until next week,

Happy reading!

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