Ascending Voice – Review

Hello beautiful souls! I hope you’ve all had a good weekend so far!

I am back with another review of poetry and this week I am reviewing a book by a dear friend and a kindred spirit – Simi Fromen!

Before I start this post I would like to say a little bit about the author. Simi is one of the kindest people I’ve spoken to and her generosity and support for others continues to blow me away. She’s someone who believes in constantly uplifting those around her and that is exactly what her book, Ascending Voice, is about.

Ascending Voice has as its backbone the strength and vitality of yoga. A lot of us know how invigorating, as well as peaceful, yoga and meditation can be and it is this core aspect of yoga that Simi takes forth to give life to her book. The different chapters of Ascending Voice represent different aspects of a lotus flower – taken after the lotus position in yoga – and the aim of the book is to bring the reader into a full circle through which they learn to self-heal, love and revitalise themselves.

Reading this book was like doing meditation. It really does what it intends to do and that is – to take the reader on a path through which they are able to learn about the value of self-appreciation, healing and finding solace in their journey. Simi’s writing is itself like a lotus flower; pure and organic against the painfully muddy reality that we all find ourselves in. The truths uncovered in this book are raw in their wake but beautifully conceptualised and shed light on so many emotions, that a reader feels understood and listened to.

Simi is a wonderful poetess and her words never fail to string cords in the hearts of so many readers who have found pieces of themselves waiting to be unveiled in this book. I myself felt that I was delving into truths about myself that I, too, had no idea about and I had found the solace that I needed when I reached the last page of the book. Simi guides her readers through a beautiful journey of mending and self-expression and by the end of it; readers have found a new sense of hope and redemption in this beautiful compact of poems.

Another wonderful added bonus of Simi’s book is 50 journal pages that are intended for the reader to write down their thoughts and feelings while reading this wonderful piece of art.

The time comes to choose my favourite poem in this book and here it is;

“Do not mistake
her being nice
as being naive.

She has been through
more storms than you know.

And she will only stay
if she has no other reason
to turn away.”

So beautiful!

I recommend purchasing Ascending Voice and indulging into well-conceptualised, thoughtful and peaceful poetry that soothes your heart and mends your soul.

I’m so proud of you Simi!!!

Until next week my loves,

Happy reading!

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