The Twelve Days of Dash and Lily – Review

Just like the twelve days of Christmas.

This book was absolutely adorable!

I haven’t read the one that preceded The Twelve Days of Dash and Lily, which would’ve given me a more delicate picture of the relationship that Dash and Lily have shared over the year. However, after reading this book I didn’t feel as though I had missed out on something that would’ve prevented me from completely appreciating the captivating innocence of their relationship and the fun-filled aura that their bond shared.

The story takes on from nearly a year after Dash and Lily started dating. Lily has lost the passion for life that she had previously. For a young girl who was so energetic, vibrant and soul-filled; she is now struggling to grapple with the truth that her family life is never going to be the same. Her granddad is ill, her parents are seriously considering moving away and her older brother is packing his bags to move into a flat with his partner.

Life as Lily knows it is over and she is unable to accept this with the kind of positivity that formed the core of her personality before.

And this is taking a huge toll on Dash and Lily’s relationship as he thinks that Lily no longer feels for him the way that she used to. The truth is something else, of course. So commences a tale about the 12 days counting to Christmas – Lily’s favourite season – where Dash teams up with Lily’s brother, friends and other family members to bring back the spirited Lily who has disappeared in the midst of it all.

Rachel Cohn and David Levithan are such a talented pair!

Their teaming created the gorgeous first book that everyone was so excited about and once again they have managed to re-create the story of Dash and Lily in the magical setting of Christmas. This book is fun, witty, cleverly written and was an absolute delight to read!

I love reading YA books because often I feel as though I can learn so much more from them than a quintessential fiction novel – and it turns out that I do.

From Dash you learn about the strength to hold on to those you love even if they no longer want to hold onto themselves and from Lily you learn what it means to be passionate about life. The kind of passion that we all lose the older we get.

And from them both you learn about the purity and fulfilled nature of young love that has the ability to give you life’s greatest happiness in those tantalizing years between adolescence and becoming an adult.

The plot of The Twelve Days of Dash and Lily was simplistic yet creative, amusing yet genuine and innocent yet complete in itself. The dialogue was the central feature of the book that gripped me the most. It was abrupt, interesting, humorous at times and as natural as any depiction of a young person’s crazy life can be.

This book receives a 4.5/5 for me and it’s a must read for every young person out there as well as those adults who want to reminisce on the innocence-filled years of their adolescence.

Until next week,

Happy reading!

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