Pick Me Up – Review

Pick Me Up was like nothing I’ve ever read before.

A refreshing, well-conceptualised, personal and rebellious take on contemporary poetry, Pick Me Up has created a niche for itself in the realm of books written by other well-known and accomplished Instagram poets.

Adil Dad takes his readers on an incredible journey through which they discover the human conditions, in hope that his readers will gain some wisdom and attain enlightenment.

Pick Me Up is different because it is a dynamic take on poetry in its truest form. Pieces in the book cover a variety of different themes such as life, self-love, faith and growth, separated by travel photographs taken by Adil himself.

Another extremely unique feature of this book is the interactive prompts that are creatively incorporated within the book to give readers a break and a chance to interact with their own thoughts and write down the way they feel at that particular moment. I thought this was an incredible way to combine poetry with journal writing, because essentially that is what poetry is for a lot of writers – a means through which they pen down their inner thoughts and feelings.

Pick Me Up is essentially a book made for readers to understand themselves. With its subtle blows of honesty, simplistic writing and palpable truths, Pick Me Up allows readers to attain a new perspective on life.

One thing that I really enjoyed about this book was that the last chapter ‘Perspective’ literally gave perspective of looking at things because of the creative manner in which it was written upside down (or rightside up)!

We definitely need more writers like Adil who express discernible truths about life in the smoothest manner. His writing is so transparent that we – as readers – almost feel silly for not understanding things as simply as how his pieces present them. It really is a wonderful read and one that I enjoyed thoroughly.

So, the time comes again for me to pick my favourite poem from the book, and here it goes:

“I travelled the world but never myself.
when i did, i entered a universe
full of mysteries,
endless stars and hidden light.

  –  tickets. ”

I loved this book and everything about it and it is a must read for everyone who wants to feel understood and listened to. And it is definitely for those who wish to take a journey through their mind and attain self-enlightenment.

For those of you not following Adil, you can follow his social media profiles below!



Until next week,

Happy reading!

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