Memories Unwound


Ruby Dhal’s first book of poetry and prose ‘Memories Unwound’ is officially available to order worldwide. This is her first sole production; a book about love, heartbreak, pain, revival and healing, it is intended to allow its readers to take a journey of delving into their memories and coming undone. The purpose of the book is to enable readers to understand their emotions, feelings and ideas and say goodbye to their old memories in order to take a step towards the future and make new ones. 

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‘Memories Unwound’ is available worldwide: (USA)  (UK) (Canada) (France) (Germany) (Russia)
Booktopia (Australia) (Indonesia) (India) (Malaysia)
Barnes and Noble  (US)

Waterstones (UK)
Indigo/Chapters (Canada)
The Book Depository (ships worldwide)

Indie Bound (US local bookstore)

Order your copy now and delve into the beauty of poetry and prose that fuels your heart and soothes your soul.