1. What inspired you to start writing?

When I was younger, I had an urgent need to escape reality. I wanted to be transported into a different world – even if it was for a few hours – through which I could forget the painful distaste that the real one brought me. Books were the source of this departure, and through reading my love for literature came to the fore. After reading stories from a young age, I realised that I too had a fervent liking for writing, it was almost as if my ‘wishful thinking’ was etched on paper in the form of tales that could never be actualised. From then initiated a journey of writing that – although began as a means of escapism – became the sole source of my contentment, the primary mechanism through which I could feel fulfilled in the real world.

2. Do you only write poetry? 

Now, a lot of people ask me this and I fail to discern what they mean when they say ‘poetry’, but I’ll discuss that later. 

My answer to this question is no. Essentially I am a fiction writer. My very first piece of writing was a chapter I had written after being inspired by the book that I was reading at the time. It was my take on how the book should have ended and I was so passionate, so excited about my take on the plot that I sought out to search for the author and send them my masterpiece, in hope that they’d be dazzled and forced to publish another edition with this alternative ending.

Unfortunately, one wintry day while I was at school, my father decided to ‘clean out’ all the unnecessary books and stationary lying around in my room. It was the binbag in one hand and all my books in the other, and in went the notebook with the infamous chapter along with 2 other stories I’d messily scrolled that day. Something very tragic happened that sombre afternoon – the world was prevented from reading an epic chapter written by yours truly, Ruby Dhal. Sigh. Anyway, from then originated this craze to start writing stories and – eventually – my novel. In terms of poetry, I started sharing prose in January 2016 on my Instagram page (r.dhalwriter) so, fairly recently.

Now, coming back to categorising me as a ‘poet’.  I know a lot of people like to term what I write as ‘poetry’ or ‘contemporary poetry’, but most of the time I just think what I’m doing is expressing my thoughts and feelings and somehow this resonates with how other people feel too. I don’t know if I can call it poetry, but feel free to call it whatever you’d like. I mean, I have resorted to calling it poetry too (as you can see on my homepage). Poetry works.

3. Will you be publishing anything soon?

Yes, absolutely. My very first short story has been published in an anthology by Artson Publishing House in November 2016 and is available for orders right now – just click on the link in my store page. As far as my other publishing projects are concerned, I am very much in the process of finishing a manuscript for my poetry book and I am also in the process of completing a few other projects too which I endeavor to release mid-2017. In order to keep track of it all, I’d suggest subscribing to the website (at the bottom of this page) and you will receive regular updates about the progress of all of the different projects and their publishing dates. 


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