1. NR Magazine


Ruby’s poetry has been published in the fourth issue of the unique and beautifully conceptualised ‘NR Magazine’. This is a high-quality publication which aims to cross the threshold of traditional artistic means of expression, where every tool used – from art, to poetry, to prose – is done so with an initiative to think outside the box. 

Click here to purchase your copy of the fourth issue of NR Magazine!

2. From the Closet of the Heart

Ruby’s short story ‘My First Crush’ has been published by Artson Publishing House in an anthology compiled with 50 short stories that laud many different emotions that are deeply rooted within the lives of its writers. 

From the Close of the Heart is available to order now from Amazon in the UK, USA and India

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2. Erstwhile Magazine 


Ruby’s poetry has been published in a non-profit art and literature magazine called ‘Erstwhile’. This is a beautiful publication where every single art and literature piece has been conceptualised and crafted in an extremely artistic and creative manner, making the whole project come to life magnificently. 

You can access a free copy of the Winter Issue << here!